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What makes GeoCarte unique?

We at GeoCarte intends to serve its clients more than their expectations with its innovative approach for all subsurface mapping needs. Analysis and interpretation of GPR weak signal data has been GeoCarte’s forte to ensure accurate mapping of underground structure from its inception.


 advanced GPR data analysis

Leading Technology

Advanced analysis & better interpretation of weak signal GPR data

quality GPR data

Superior Quality

Enhanced image resolution over conventional methods of GPR data analysis

 output of GPR data

Unmatched Output

Satisfactory results even in wet clayey soils where conventional GPR tools fails

efficient underground mapping tool

Efficient Solution

Most time and cost effective solution for large amount of GPR data

Domains where GPR can be implemented

We can use GPR to scan almost everything within our range, from Highways to open ground, floors to slabs, exodus streets to railway tracks for subsurface utility mapping. We ensure that everything gets resolved through our state of the art approach anything related to Ground Penetrating Radar. GeoCarte’s skills combined with multifaceted talent has translated into GPR services in whole spectrum of domain including underground utility mapping, concrete structure scanning, transport infrastructure inspection and archaeological investigation using advanced GPR technology.

 subsurface utility mapping icon

Utility Mapping

Service Utilities:Gas,Sewer,Waterpipes,Metallic and Non-Metallic pipes

 Transportation and infrastructure icon

Highway Inspection

Railway Ballast Inspection,Access the pavement Condition

Icon for Archaeological Inspection

Archaeological Investigation

Locate Archaeological features,Map potential site for exploration

Icon of Concrete Structure

Concrete Structure Inspection

Locate voids in Concrete Structures,Measurement of Slab Thickness

Ground Water Table mapping icon

Ground Water Table Mapping

Map underground water table

Icon of Landmine


Tunnel and Landmine Detection,Mineral Exploration


About Us

GeoCarte provides comprehensive professional high-end Geo-Exploratory services using advanced Ground penetrating radar (GPR) technology to map underground infrastructure without digging. We leverage our expertise for all kind of sub surface explorations ranging from utility mapping to archaeological investigations, assessing the concrete structure condition and leakage detection. We at GeoCarte are capable of providing satisfactory output results even in challenging site conditions where conventional GPR analysis tool fails. Analysis and interpretation of GPR weak signal data has been GeoCarte’s forte to ensure accurate mapping of underground structure from its inception.
The complexity of GPR projects undertaken by GeoCarte has varied widely from utility mapping on roads to industrial areas to scanning for artifacts at archaeological sites. The company’s efficiency in handling the complex projects in this domain has won appreciation from its esteemed clients. GeoCarte has proved its competency in the field of Ground penetrating radar through its numerous completed and on-going projects. At GeoCarte , GPR services along with in-house developed advance analysis tool make it effective to be implemented even in difficult site scenarios viz, high clay content, high moisture content, etc.
Our journey started way back in 2015, when a research oriented team at IIT Gandhinagar perceive the scope of GPR technology. With the intent to cater the fast growing Indian Infrastructure industry GeoCarte Radar Technology Pvt. Ltd. was born. GeoCarte is Redefining the way Sub surface investigation is done.











"Bringing on board new exciting projects is what GeoCarte believes in since inception"


Our Portfolio

GeoCarte to its credits has successfully completed various landmark projects using advanced GPR technology for subsurface mapping in India with esteemed clients from Government and private sectors. We are driven by a commitment to excellence and providing the best of services to our clientele. GeoCarte has proved its competency in the field of Ground penetrating radar through its numerous completed and on-going projects. The true value of any business is measured by its performance. We deliver an experience to our customer which drive them to recommend us.

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The Team

We are a team of young and self-driven professionals who are passionate about what we do, and strive to provide for all your Geo-exploration needs, leaving no stone un-turned.

Silky Agrawal_GPR research

Silky Agrawal


Darpan_GPR data Analyst

Darpan Agrawal

Sr. Project Engineer

Anupam_GPR Project Engineer

Anupam Abbanaveni

Sr. Project Engineer

Pariveeksha_GPR Data acquisition

Pariveeksha Joshi

Team Coordinator

Dhaval_GPR Project Engineer

Dhaval J Makawana

Project Engineer


Lalit Sharma

Business Development Exe.


Dixit K Viradiya

Project Engineer


Pratipalsinh D Vala

Project Engineer


Keyur P Nimavat

Project Engineer


Pritesh Pandit

Project Engineer


Amit Prashant

Prof. Amit Prashant

Professor, IIT Gandhinagar

Sudhir K. Jain

Prof. S. K. Jain

Director,IIT Gandhinagar

Anand Parekh

Prof. Anand Parekh

President, RIL (Textile Div.)





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Q : What is GPR Technology?

Ans : Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) Technology is a non-destructive electromagnetic wave technology used to scan the underground infrastructure without digging.

Q : How does GPR Technology works?

Ans : GPR Technology uses electromagnetic waves of high frequency that goes deep inside the earth and get reflected when it encounters any anamolies,sub suraface utilities i.e change in material.

Q : In what domains GPR technlogy can be leveraged?

Ans : This Technology is used as precautionary measure to existing assets during installation or construction of new infrastrucure. It can be used in following fields, Underground utility mapping,Underground leakage detection,Rock profiling & boulder mapping, Structural Scanning, Highway and railway inspection, Ground water table mapping, mineral exploration, Railway ballast investigation.

Q : Upto what depth it can scan?

Ans : GPR technology can be used to scan from few cms with higher resolution to as deep as 12-15 m as per the requirement or purpose of the survey. The depth of penetration for specific antennas in practical site scenario are mentioned below:
100MHz- 8-12 m, mostly for rock profiling or mapping huge city drain.
200MHz- 3-8 m
400MHz- 0-3 m
900MHz- <1m, for cable mapping, structure scanning, etc.

Q : Does the range of frequency of GPR interferes with surrounding frequencies of Mobile Towers,or any similar site situation?

Ans : No, as the GPR technology uses high frequency band of EM spectrum, it does not interefere with any of these frequencies.