GPR Survey For Subsurface Utility Mapping At Barmer(Rajasthan).


Scope of Work:

GPR survey execution for mapping underground utilities at proposed Cellar Pit Sites of Mangala Processing Terminal Barmer


Barmer,Rajasthan, India.


Oswal Infrastructure Limited


GSSI SIR-3000 equipped with 200 MHz and 400 MHz antenna


Difficulty in getting access to the project site as it falls under red zone area (hydrogen sulphide),which had lead to the delay in data acquistion.


The GPR survey was carried out at proposed cellar pit sites of different well pads at Mangala Processing Terminal, Barmer, Rajasthan. The survey was conducted over a proposed ten cellar pit sites of five different well pads on a ground. The scope of work includes the mapping of possible underground utilities up to the depth of around 6-8 m using non-destructive Ground Penetrating Radar technology. The purpose of the project was to map all the underground utilities in order to prevent the damage to the same during the excavation work of cellar pits. Considering the client’s requirements and the expected depth of the utilities, the area was surveyed using two antennas of center frequencies 200 MHz and 400 MHz mounted on SIR 3000 GPR system to cover the depth up to 6-8 m with fair resolution. The data collected from the site was processed appropriately and interpreted on the basis of the observed features in GPR data, visible surface features and the inputs from the client side. Several utilities were proposed at different well pads, based on GPR interpretations and exacavation needs to be carried out at those locations to confirm its existence.

GPR data at dahej
GPR layout at dahej
GPR data 2  at dahej
GPR processed data