Road Profiling and Void Detection using GPR technology for Larsen & Toubro


Scope of Work:

The Scope of work includes GPR survey execution for mapping of road profile and detecting the voids and other discrepancies for visible surface cracks in the newly constructed highway and hence ensure quality.


Sahranpur, U.P.


Larsen & Toubro


GSSI SIR-4000 equipped 400 MHz, 900MHz antenna.


Unfavourable Temperature, Data collection on public road along with ensuring least interruption in traffic flow using conventional GPR system


The Ground Penetrating Radar survey was carried out along the two stretches of 2.5 km each in Sarhanpur city area to map the road profile and detect the discrepancies in the newly constructed highway to figure out the reason for the surface cracks in newly constructed road. SIR-4000 GSSI GPR system equipped with 400 MHz and 900 MHz antennas were used to capture the profile along the depth with fair resolution at shallow as well as deeper depth of 1.0 m. Three along road profiles were collected, two profiles with 400 MHz antenna each on road edges and one with 900 MHz antenna at the road centre. With 400 MHz antenna and 900 MHz antenna, Sub grade layer, Dry Lean Concrete layer could be mapped and PQC,GSB layer could be distinguished respectively as well as Various anomalies and discrepancies were observed. Additionally, reinforcement at certain locations and at expansion joint locations were observed. A plan view along with sectional views were generated with marked identified layers such as PQC, DLC, GSB, Sub-grade as well as reinforcement, voids at their respective location for mapping road profile along with discrepancies.

Road Profiling Using GPR at Saharanpur