Underground Utility Mapping Using GPR At Different Locations In IOCL Refinery In Haldia


Scope of Work:

GPR investigation to map underground utilities present at the proposed excavation site within the refinery plant to prevent their damage during new construction practices.


IOCL Refinery Haldia, West Bengal, India


TATA Projects LTD


GSSI SIR-4000 equipped with 400 MHZ antenna


Industrial Site having heavy machinery causing low accessibility for data collection, risky surrounding environment and high temperature


The GPR survey has been carried out at 6 locations in Crude Oil Distillation Unit-I (CDU-I) and 3 locations of Vacuum Distillation Unit (VDU) in IOCL Refinery Haldia to locate the presence of possible underground utilities and to know their exact depth and alignment. This was done to prevent damage to the existing utilities while carrying out the repair and maintenance of the plant and during new construction practices. Considering the client’s requirement and the expected depth of utilities, the area has been surveyed up to a depth of 3 m. Due to the presence of heavy machinery on the site, the data collection was a challenging job. However, the data was collected at all accessible locations in 2-dimensional profiles to find out the exact alignment of the existing sub-surface utilities. GeoCarte could locate around 40 utilities present at these locations. Moreover, we could find the presence of some underground structures too. We also observed a reflection corresponding to an excavated known cable, hence ensuring the reliability of our results. A GPR report was submitted to the client giving the exact depth and location of the utilities that helped them to plan the new construction without damaging the existing utilities.

GPRcase study-GPR survey at Sterling and Wilson Pvt. Ltd.