Underground Utility Mapping Using GPR Technology At Proposed Metro Route In Pune for Tata Projects Ltd


Scope of Work:

The scope of work includes GPR investigation at the proposed metro route to map existing underground utilities for preparing the effective plan of the metro route with minimal interference and to prevent the damage of the city assets during the construction phase.


23 km road stretch from Megapolis to Shivajinagar, Pune, Maharashtra, India


Tata Projects Ltd.


GSSI SIR-3000 and GSSI-SIR 4000 equipped with 400 MHz and 200 MHz antennas.


Heavy traffic, rainy season


The GPR survey along the proposed metro route in Pune was carried out in June, 2019. The survey was conducted over a stretch of 23 km and a width of approximately 5m on either side of the divider to map the underground utilities present up to a depth of 6 m using non-destructive Ground Penetrating Radar Technology. Considering the client's requirement and expected depth of utilities, the area has been surveyed using antennas of center frequency 400 MHz and 200 MHz mounted on SIR 3000 GPR and SIR 4000 GPR systems, respectively, to cover the depth up to 6m with a fair resolution. The area was scanned at a grid spacing of 5m and 3m in across and along the direction of the road, respectively. The proposed area for the survey included highway as well as local public road. Hence, to ensure the least interruption in traffic flow and for ease of data acquisition, the survey was executed at night time and was carried out in strips along the road. GeoCarte could successfully interpret the collected data and found the presence of 25 sub-surface utilities in the surveyed area. The depth of these utilities ranges from 0.4m to 2.5m below the ground level. Plan view with marked underground utilities as well as sectional views at every alternate proposed pier location (at approximately every 80m) were generated for providing better insights of the subsurface condition. Moreover, these utilities were classified as metallic or non-metallic as per the ASCE standard.

GPRcase study-Pune metro
GPRcase study-Pune metro
GPRcase study-Pune metro