Underground Utility Mapping Using GPR For Panjim Smart City Project


Scope of Work:

The scope of project is to map all the subsurface existing utilities including cables, water lines or any other utility to generate a record and plan map of proposed stretch at Panjim, Goa.


Panjim, Goa, India


AECOM Pvt. Ltd.


GSSI SIR-4000 and GSSI SIR-3000 equipped with 200 MHz and 400 MHz antenna.


Monsoon period, Outskirts areas, highly challenging in interpretation & analysis due to uncertainty.


The GPR survey has been carried out along different roads of Panjim Smart City, Goa covering the total stretch of road of around 10.4 Km. The purpose of the survey was to map all the underground utilities up to the depth of 0 to 6 m using non-destructive technology (NDT). The whole data is collected depending on the site condition and maximum accessibility of the ground. Profiles along the road and numerous parallel profiles across the road were collected at a spacing of 30m to 50m. The survey was conducted using GSSI SIR-4000 system equipped with 400 MHz and 200 MHz antennas. The interpretation was done based on existing records, visual surveys and processed GPR data which was collected during the GPR survey. A total of 8 along utilities have been identified from GPR data. On an average, 4 utilities along the longitudinal direction of road have been identified, with a maximum of 6 utilities on some of the important roads were detected. The utility network differentiating metallic, non-metallic and cables using colour scheme was prepared.