Underground void detection and utility mapping using GPR technology for Aarti Industries Ltd.


Scope of Work:

The scope of project is to map the underground possible voids or any discrepency leading to the leakage underneath. It also includes the mapping of the utilities along the proposed locations in Aarti Industry Compound.


Aarti Industries Limited Premises, Bharuch, Gujarat


Aarti Industries Limited


GSSI SIR-4000 equipped 400 MHz antenna.


Weak signals due to moisture content in medium, Chemical Contaminated medium.


The GPR survey has been carried out in the campus of Aarti Industries Limited at Bharuch, Gujarat. The scope of work includes the mapping of possible water leakage locations, underground utilities including GAIL pipeline or any other discrepancies underneath, up to the depth of around 3.0 m using non-destructive Ground Penetrating Radar Technology. The survey is done to evaluate the damages or deterioration that might have developed underneath due to possible water leakage and to map all the possible utilities. Considering the client's requirements and the expected depth, the area has been surveyed using 400 MHz center frequency antenna mounted with SIR 4000 to cover the depth up to 3.0 m with superior target resolution. The data has been collected in longitudinal and transverse direction, to scan the whole area in Grid pattern. The area was scanned up to the maximum accessibility of the machine movement in both the direction. The proposed area for the survey includes scanning on roads and open area.

GPRcase study-GPR survey at AIL
GPRcase study-GPR survey at AIL
GPRcase study-GPR survey at AIL
GPRcase study-GPR survey at AIL