Inspection of 2 Bridge Decks using GPR at Paradeep, Odisha for Tata Projects Ltd.


Scope of Work:

GPR investigation to inspect the structural integrity of Bridge. The purpose of the survey was to map the rebar detailings, slab thickness, reinforcement cover, voids, settelments, or any other discrepancies underneath.


Bridge near IFFCO Chhak, Paradeep, Odisha


Tata Projects Limited


GSSI SIR 4000 equipped with 400 MHz and 900 MHz center frequency antennas.


Unfavourable Temperature, Traffic Movement


The GPR survey has been carried out at two bridges of 33 m X 15 m located near IFFCO Chhak in Paradeep for Bridge Health monitoring. The scope of work includes the scanning of the bridge surface in longitudinal as well as transverse direction to find out the reinforcement spacing in both the directions, the reinforcement cover depth and slab thickness. It also includes the detection of any voids, defects or anomalies present in the bridge slab. The purpose of the project is to inspect the bridge by non-destructive GPR technique to find out its load bearing capacity. Considering the client's requirements, the areas have been surveyed using 900MHz and 400 MHz center frequency antennas mounted with SIR 4000 GPR system to cover the depth up to 3 m with fair resolution.

GPRcase study-Tata Projects Ltd.
GPRcase study-Tata Projects Ltd.
GPRcase study-Tata Projects Ltd.
GPRcase study-Tata Projects Ltd.