Archaeological investigation

    Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) is one the proven technology for mapping the potential locations of archaeological interest. However, the uncertainity of condition of archaeological artefacts underneath makes the GPR data analysis and interpretation a challenge. The broad experience of the GeoCarte's professional team and in-house advance analysis tool helps to generate appropriate results in all types of underground conditions to the clients including the challenging projects. Time-frequency analysis of signal processing has been efficiently applied for the analysis of weak signals in various archaeological sites to explore potential locations containing artifacts of historical importance. GeoCarte has been able to customize the GPR survey methodology with in-house developed analysis tool as per the site conditions and specific requirements of the clients. Using advance processed GPR, our data analyst can measure, map and interpret the data signals received by the GPR system and translate into useful information. We find the best place for archaeologists to excavate at a site with utmost true depth information of objects. We also gather detailed information about the archaeological important objects, using GPR in non-invasive and non-destructive way, that can be better left untouched while restoration.

    • Locate Archaeological features

    • Map potential site for excavation

    Prior to excavation of a site, an elaborate map of the sub-structure is to be drawn. GPR allows you to non- invasively determine sub-surface artifacts, their location and composition to ensure none of the items are damaged while digging. Our understanding of GPR technology is unparalleled encapsulating all dimensions from on-site data collection to data analysis, interpretation and developing plan view with marked outputs. We at GeoCarte never stop getting better. Our technical team always strives to find better solutions to the challenging jobs.

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