Utility Mapping

    We map the underground utilities using Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) to prevent the damage to the pre-existing underground assets. Precise information regarding the existing utilities is necessary for designing and installation of new utilities, and excavation or maintenance for present utilities. Lack of information on this may result in fatality and catastrophic damages of existing underground utilities and disruption to utility services. Industries have to bear financial loss, if utility services such as power supplies are interrupted because of accidents during excavation works due to erroneous utility information. Utility mapping identifies buried pipes and cables beneath the ground.
    The procedure involves detecting things like sewers, electric cables, telecoms cables, gas and water mains, using advanced Ground Penetrating Radar process. An extensive 3-D sub-surface profile of the region can also be generated.

    • Mapping both metallic and non-metallic buried utilities.

    • Water and gas pipeline

    • Sewer line & cables

    • Storage tanks, etc.

    Hustle free mapping of unrecorded underground pipeline network

    Mapping of unrecorded underground assets, including pipelines, without disturbing the on-surface conditions for efficient planning of infrastructure projects is now possible with advanced Ground penetrating radar technology.

    Prevent damage to the existing underground infrastructure

    GPR technology can be used as a precautionary measure to map the underground assets before going for HDD (Horizontal directional drilling), utility shifting or before drilling for piles or boreholes. GeoCarte’s report continues to be an important resource to its esteemed clients for efficient planning of huge infrastructure projects.

    Helping you save your project cost

    Our accurate results helps you to reduce time duration by proper planning of project execution.

    Optimize the requirement of new resources

    Well-functioning of underground infrastructure is as important as functioning of superstructure for all oil and gas companies. Ground penetrating radar (GPR) offers perfect solution to this starting from the preliminary site investigation before installing to identifying the repairs needs to the existing one.

    utility mapping_GPR
    utility mapping_GPR

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