GPR survey for subsurface utility mapping at Mumbai


Scope of Work:

GPR survey execution for mapping underground utilities to prevent damage to the pre-existing utilities during installation of new pipeline in Mumbai


in Powai, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.


Fugro Geotech India Pvt Ltd.


GSSI SIR-3000 equipped with 200 MHz and 400 MHz antenna


High trafficmovement, a junction, challenging for 3D data collection


The GPR survey has been carried out in an area of about 3000m2 at Powai in Mumbai. The purpose of the survey was to map all the underground utilities viz. cables, water lines, gas lines, sewer line etc. upto the depth of 5-6 m using non-destructive technology. The survey has been conducted to get prior knowledge about the pre-existing under- ground infrastructure, so that the installation of new proposed line can be planned in the most efficient way and the damage to the pre-existing utilities can be prevented. Considering the visual inspection on site, depth requirement of client and interactions with the Fugro team, data has been collected using 400 MHz and 200 MHz antenna mounted on SIR 3000 GSSI GPR system. The data collected from the site has been processed appropriately and interpreted on the basis of the observed features. Over all around 18 pipelines along and across the road could be interpreted on the basis of repeating impressions. However, few extra high amplitude reections were observed, but due to unavailability of data the corresponding utilities could not be confirmed. It is expected that the square area has number of shallow utilities which may be the cables or so. The GPR data quality was good and therefore, output rinterpreted features are suppose to be located with high accuracy.

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case study-fugro
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