GPR Survey for Underground Utility Mapping at Dahej


Scope of Work:

GPR survey execution to map underground utilities for smooth planning of HDD operation at three crossing in Dahej


Dahej, Gujarat, India.


Trenchless Engineering Solutions


GSSI SIR-3000 equipped with 200 MHz and 400 MHz antenna


Undulated land for data collection, industrial area having chemical contaminated medium, weak signal GPR data


Ground Penetrating radar survey was executed at three proposed HDD crossings in Dahej SEZ area. The new pipeline installation was proposed through HDD, however, during HDD operation, drilling machine hit a 36 inch dia pipe, leading to further execution on hold. Hence, a GPR survey was executed to map all other pre-existing underground utilities upto the depth of 7 m. As the area was inaccessible which makes the collection of the data laborious and their interpretation have been a challenging job. However, based on the processed data and the subsidiary information, the best possible attempt has been taken to interpret the outputs with the utmost accuracy. GeoCarte could successfully locate deeper utilities as deep as 5.7 m. The GPR output results have been further verified by few trial trenches. The GPR report helped the client to design new layout of the pipeline and plan the smooth project execution.

GPR 3D data
GPR 3D data
GPR 3D data