Subsurface utility mapping at Dahej


Scope of Work:

GPR survey execution for mapping underground utilities to ensure 30 m wide clear stretch for smooth installation of new pipeline in Dahej


Dahej, Gujarat, India.


Aimil Ltd.


GSSI SIR-3000 equipped with 200 MHz and 400 MHz antenna


Undulated land for data collection, industrial area having chemical contaminated medium, weak signal GPR data


The GPR survey has been carried out in an area of about 24000m2 at Dahej. As the investigated site lies within an industrial area, the scope of project was to map all the possible underground utilities upto the depth of 3 - 4 m to find the 30 m wide stretch without any underground utility to install new pipeline with sufficient clearance and to avoid the damage to pre-existing utilities during the installation of new ones. The survey was conducted using SIR-3000 GSSI GPR system equipped with 200 MHz antenna. The lower antenna frequency is chosen to achieve better depth of penetration inspite of having high attenuation soil conditions due to the presence of site in an indus- trial area. The data collected from the site has been processed appropriately and interpreted on the basis of the observed features. Over all five pipelines along the road and 5 pipelines across the road could be interpreted on the basis of repeating impressions.

GPR data at dahej
GPR layout at dahej
GPR data 2  at dahej
GPR processed data