Ground Water Mapping

    Through our advanced GPR process we assess and scan not only the sub-surface but also map groundwater aquifers. Frequent failures of hydrological cycle have forced to opt the groundwater as the only source of irrigation in non-command areas. The hydrogeological complexities and lack of understanding of the aquifer systems have resulted in the failure of a majority of the borehole drillings. Hence, the ground-penetrating radar may be employed for locating the groundwater potential zones, in arid and semi-arid regions.

    Sub-surface is as important as superstructure. The ignorance about the knowledge of groundwater table can adversely affect the ambitious project. The conventional way to map the underground water table is by drilling the boreholes by trial and error. But we at GeoCarte leveraging the Non-destructive GPR technology for underground water table mapping. Prior knowledge of the groundwater table can help the geotechnical engineer to avoid the probable risk to the project.

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