Transportation Infrastructure Inspection

    Highway infrastructure is a pre-requisite for a developing economy like India. Highways, often prone to congestion and disruption, are one of the aspects of a modern convey network that require maximum efficiency if an integrated convey network and sustainable mobility is to be achieved. Assessing the condition of highway structures for designing subsequent maintenance is essential to sanction the long-term functioning of a road network. GPR can be efficiently implemented for mapping road profiles, voids, sinkholes and any such defects in the infrastructure. After obtaining the details about the entire road structure, from pavement to subgrade appropriate maintenance programs can be smoothly designed. The maintenance of highway pavements causes considerable cost and in many cases obstruction to traffic flow. GPR can be effectively used for number of purposes.

    • Railway Ballast Inspection

    • Sinkholes/cave-ins mapping around the utility

    • Estimating thickness of different layers (road profiling)

    • Accessing the pavement condition

    While GPR is not traditionally used to examine the structural robustness of bridges and roads, they are in fact a fantastic way to examine weak links and flaws in these structures, potentially saving not only money but probably many lives as well. In such situation GPR provides information on the present condition of pavement structure non-destructively that are of great interest for repair and construction work. It has been shown that Ground Penetrating Radar, which is a Non Destructive Technique can provide information that is utilizable for the designing of pavement maintenance. One of our special research includes Railway ballast inspection to improve the output efficiency of Balast cleaning machine (BCM). GeoCarte has been 100% successful in deploying GPR effectively for mapping undesirable obstruction under the ballast of Indian railways, leading to smooth functioning of BCM during maintenance purposes. We at GeoCarte never stop getting better. Our technical team always strives to find better solutions to the challenging jobs.

    highway profile_GPR
    highway profile_GPR

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