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    GPR in not the new bird in town. But Hundreds hours of data collection and thousand hours of Data analysis along with continuous research has let us to come to you with our unique approach. We intend to create new knowledge through our intense research. At GeoCarte , GPR services along with in-house developed advance analysis tool make it effective to be implemented even in difficult site scenarios viz, high clay content, high moisture content, etc. We at Geocarte intend to explore various applications of advanced GPR technology in various domains. With our in-house analysis tool, we can customize the survey execution as per your requirements. We are commited to provide excellent services for any kind of GPR requirement to map the underneath at time that suits you.

    • Investigates thickness and internal structure of floors and walls

    • Locates internal steelwork in concrete such as rebar, girders & cable ducts

    • Bridge deck inspection

    • Tunnel & Land mine detection

    • Mineral Exploration

    • Railway Ballast Investigation

    • Underground pipe leakage detection

    • Void detection and cracks

Our Services

 GPR services for utility mapping

Utility Mapping

 GPR services for highway inspection

Highway Inspection

archaeological investigation using GPR

Archaeological survey

 concrete structure inspection using GPR

Structure inspection

 groundwater table mapping using GPR

Watertable Mapping

 groundwater table mapping using GPR

Other Services